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Grumpy Bob

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For all those little jobs around your bach or boat. Garden features a specialty

Grumpy Bob – Marlborough Sounds Handyman – Created This

Garden Features

Who wouldn’t like their Marlborough Sounds bach to look like the ones shown in this portfolio? From decks to nautical piles and rope work, you can look forward to arriving for your holidays to an idyllic setting perfect for instant relaxation. And he loves building small sheds; whether from scratch or kitset.

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Minor Maintenance

Grumpy Bob isn’t a tradie but he’s pretty darn good! When baches and boats are left unattended for a time things need repairing. From door handles and window latches to painting and power tools, Grumpy Bob can help you keep your bach or boat in top condition.

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Boat Jobs

Boats need maintenance, whether they’re in the water or in a shed. Fuel and batteries deteriorate if not tended to. Maybe you need a new light or minor fitting installed. Grumpy Bob’s a boatie so he knows which end is the bitter one!

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Grumpy Bob is amazing (and not that grumpy most of the time). He took a blank canvas of mud round our bach and transformed it into a stunning, nautical-themed landscape that is a delight to come to. He involved us in the design and incorporated many of our ideas along the way. Highly recommended

Heather R.

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